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Golden autumn in the mountains – Rich colouring of the forests in East Tyrol

Autumn Holiday in Obertilliach in East Tyrol

Let your spirits flow while enjoying autumn time in the mountains of East Tyrol! Marvel at beautiful trees starting to change into a spectacular multitude of colours before getting covered by the first snow and let the impressive panorama of the mountains sink in and make you forget everything around you!

Hiking and mountaineering in the Lesachvalley and East Tyrol

Take your time and space and replace the frenetic rhythm of modern life with peace and tranquillity. Time to dream and space to breathe... such treasured moments can be found in abundance in Obertilliach in East Tyrol, a place characterised by its untouched nature. Tie your shoelaces and set off on a hiking trip along breathtakingly beautiful trails.

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Bike tours – Mountain biking and race cycling in the Lesachvalley in East Tyrol

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Obertilliach – Hut Porze –Tilliach Saddle

Key data:
Altitude difference: 752 m
Tour length: 10,3 km
Riding time: Approx. 1 h 45 min
Level of difficulty: Medium


Key data:
Altitude difference: 608 m
Tour length: 10,6 km
Riding time: Aprrox. 1 h 30 m
Level of difficulty: Medium

“Grenzland” hiking trail Obertilliach

The “Grenzland” hiking trail is also well suitable for bikers. Starting from Obertilliach, you can reach the trail heading west on the B111 (little traffic) to the Kartitsch Saddle. There you need to turn off at a newly erected large hut to the Schönvalley, from where you can follow the green and white orientation signs of the “Grenzland” hiking trail.

Obertilliach – Hut Conny – Lift Glamp – Obertilliach

Exhausting mountain bike tour to the Hut Conny or further to the upper station of the Lift Glamp. Starting from the bottom station of the Golzentipp cable railway, you'll soon reach and master the first steep section of about 200 metres. After that, the ascent stays relatively even along the sledging track, across the forest and up to the timber line. As soon as you've reached the Hut Conny, 7 km are already behind you. If you choose to go on the longer tour, you need to turn left about 120 m before the Hut Conny and ride along the new path past the upper cable railway station, heading towards a water reservoir and finally up to the upper station of the Lift Glamp. This last bit from the Hut Conny to the Lift Glamp is about 1,8 km long.

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Listening to the belling of the stags in the Lesachvalley in East Tyrol

Red and roe deer rank among the animals native to the Obertilliach forests. In autumn, the belling of the stags can be heard all across the forests and meadows. 32 weeks of gestation later, the offspring is ready to see the light of day in the midst of the Tyrolean mountains. Would you like to experience the fascinating belling yourself? Then book one of our southern rooms from mid September to mid October and enjoy the spectacle right from your hotel room. If you're lucky, you may even happen to catch a glimpse of a small roe paying a nightly visit to the Hotel Weiler.

High-rope course in the Hochpustervalley (East Tyrol & Carinthia)

Fixed rope route Filmoorhöhe – Wildkarleck – Porze 2.589 m

Beautiful fixed rope route of medium difficulty in the heart of the Carnic Alps:
Filmoorhöhe 2.457 m – Wildkarleck 2.532 m – Porze 2.589 m

Key data:
Starting point: Hut Filmoor-Standschützen
Walking time: From the Hut Filmoor-Standschützen to the Hut Porze: Approx. 5 hours
Level of difficulty: Medium

Fixed rope route Große Kinigat 2.689 m

A new fixed rope route of high-alpine character and different levels of difficulty.

Key data:
Starting point: Erschbaumervalley
Walking time: 2,5 hours (ascent)
Level of difficulty: Difficult (level A – D)

Fixed rope route Porze 2.589 m

Easy to medium difficult fixed rope route, leading from either the Porze wind gap or the Tilliach Saddle up to the strikingly beautiful summit.

Key data:
Starting point: Hut Porze (1.942 m) – can be reached by car on Saturdays and Sundays
Walking time: Approx. 2 – 2,5 hours (for both routes)
Level of difficulty: Easy to medium

Fixed rope route gorge Millnatzen

The Lesachvalley is known for its unique landscape far beyond the borders. Recently a “delight” fixed rope route has been implemented in the middle of the valley along the Millnatzen creek. The tour runs alongside the gorge-like streambed and past four waterfalls and is of medium difficulty, which makes it appealing to a wide audience.

Key data:
Starting point: Ladstatt
Walking time: Approx. 45 min. - 1 hour
Level of difficulty: Medium

Climbing in the Lesachvalley (East Tyrol, Carinthia) and South Tyrol

Climbing Park Tuffbad – Climbing for young and old

The climbing park Tuffbad can be reached after a 20-minute walk northwards from the Hotel Tuffbad (St. Lorenzen). The area is located on solid limestone above a gravel pit, aligned southwards, and secured by bolts and adhesive hooks.

More about the climbing park Tuffbad

Climbing halls:

High-rope course in the Hochpustervalley in East Tyrol

High-rope course in Sillian

The adventure park, part of the Wichtelpark Sillian, invites the whole family to a fascinating voyage of discovery through the natural forest. It will challenge both your courage and subtle skills, besides offering fun activities, extraordinary views and, most importantly, a lot of fun! You'll experience the forest from a whole new perspective!

The park includes 8 different courses with various levels of difficulty and takes you to an altitude of 1,5 to 8 meters. You will need to climb, balance your body and slide along the various rope and bridging constructions in order to handle the 65 elements and stations including “flying foxes” with a total length of 850 m.

Horse riding in Carinthia

The qualified staff of the Lesachvalley riding stables and horse farm offer horse riding in the midst of the unique mountain scenery of the Lesachvalley in the Carnic Alps and Lienz Dolomites. They’ll be happy to adapt the riding adventures to your personal abilities and wishes.

More about the Lesachvalley riding stables and horse farm in St. Lorenzen in the Lesachvalley

Golfing in East Tyrol

The Dolomites and golfing

The GC Dolomites Golf East Tyrol and its 27-hole championship course is located in Lavant at the foot of the breathtaking Lienz Dolomites, near the Sun City Lienz.

More about the golf club Dolomites Golf

Motorbike tours – Biking on the sunny side in East and South Tyrol

Motorbiking experiences between the Großglockner and the Dolomites

The Alps offer an enormous range of possibilities for bikers, especially in in the south of Austria between the Großglockner and the Dolomites. Our small village Obertilliach is the perfect starting point for motorbike enthusiasts wishing to explore magnificent panoramic roads:

  • Lesachvalley Dolomites loop
  • Pustertaler high altitude mountain road with a number of sights
  • Mountain roads to the Glocknervillage Kals
  • Mountain pass crossings like the Staller Saddle to South Tyrol
  • Dolomites streets around Cortina (Falzarego, Pordoi)
  • Großglockner high altitude mountain road
  • Street Nockalm in neighbouring Carinthia