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The small, idyllically situated sun village in East Tyrol – surrounded by the Carnic Alps in the south and the Lienz Dolomites in the north

Obertilliach – the idyllically located sun village in East Tyrol

Obertilliach in the East Tyrolean Lesachvalley is characterised by tradition and pristine nature. The small village, the centre of which is protected as a historic monument, picturesquely blends in with the sun-drenched scenery of the plateau. Away from the tourist crowds, Obertilliach offers a wide range of possibilities: You can either spend an active sports and adventure holiday or just relax and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the unspoiled alpine nature.

The Hotel Weiler is located at the very beginning of the idyllic sunshine village Obertilliach in East Tyrol at an altitude of 1.450 m and surrounded by the Carnic Alps in the south and the Lienz Dolomites in the north.

Obertilliach – Hiking village, important biathlon centre and James Bond location in East Tyrol

Obertilliach, with its small community of 708 inhabitants, is located in the Tyrolean Lesach- or Gailvalley. Walking through its narrow alleys you can marvel at landmarked farmhouses, especially in summer when they are adorned with beautiful flowers. The river flowing through the valley is called the large Gail. The climate in Obertilliach is sometimes perceived as being a bit harsh, which, however, also accounts for the rough but stunningly beautiful landscape. Obertilliach was already mentioned in the second half of the 11th century. There is no definite evidence, but it’s assumed that at that time Romanic immigrants discovered this beautiful corner of the world, settled down and used Obertilliach as a horse pasture. Obertilliach is referred to as the “wooden village”.  The buildings are clustered quite densely and made almost entirely from wood. Therefore it’s not surprising that Obertilliach can boast the last remaining night-watchman in Austria, regularly making his rounds through the streets, its own. The village is scattered with several sacral edifices as well as profane buildings which are under monumental protection, relating back to the rich history of Obertilliach. The newly refurbished parish church Hl. Ulrich alone makes a walk around the village worth your while.

Obertilliach is also well known as a hiking village, from where hikers and mountaineers embark on their tours on the Gailvalley or Carnic high altitude trail or up the northern face of the Porze, where they are rewarded with stunningly beautiful views of the Dolomites Felsenburg.

The biathlon centre East Tyrol and its 60 km long “Grenzland” trail have made the village famous for being the perfect training location for cross-country skiers. So it’s not surprising that even Ole Einar Bjorndalen has chosen Obertilliach as his permanent place of residence. In winter, regular competition events such as the Dolomitenlauf, Europe cup etc. are major attractions in Obertilliach.

Since winter 2014/15, Obertilliach has become even more known due to its showing up in a James Bond movie. For shooting the new James Bond “Spectre”, the lovely village Obertilliach has been chosen as the perfect setting for snowy winter scenes.  

The Tyrolean Lesachvalley and East Tyrol

The Tyrolean Lesachvalley – Holiday in Europe’s most genuine valley, away from the tourist crowds

Rugged summits and mountains dotted with flowers - The rather secluded location of the valley might account for the remarkable maintenance of the regional art of building and architecture. Carefully kept farmhouses, beautiful paintings around window frames and along corners as well as fondly tended wayside crosses give evidence of the continuous and deep appreciation of a tradition which has long been lost in other areas.

East Tyrol – Your snowy Tyrol in winter and sunny Tyrol in summer

Endless space – few people: East Tyrol is just different: authentic, pristine, real.

East Tyrol doesn’t know mass tourism. Your dream holiday in East Tyrol comprises marvellous mountains, pristine nature, traditional culture, delicious cuisine and genuine hospitality.

No wonder the idyllic scenery of East Tyrol has been immortalised by many famous painters. If you don’t want to miss out on the cultural aspects of the area, there’s a number of museums in East Tyrol waiting for you to be explored.

Region Dolomites – UNESCO world heritage site

The Dolomites, lying not far from Obertilliach, are divided into four holiday regions: South Tyrol, Trentino, Belluno and East Tyrol.

The breathtaking views of the impressive mountain scenery alone make a visit of the Sexten Dolomites in South Tyrol and the Lienz Dolomites in East Tyrol worth your while.

Since 2009, the Dolomites are ranked among the UNESCO world heritage sites – the highest recognition of natural beauty worldwide.

The Drei Zinnen (“three merlons”) are the landmark of the Dolomites. They are accessible by a toll road from Misurina to the Auronzo cabin or, starting from Sexten, through the Fischlein valley to the Drei Zinnen cabin.The advantage of a holiday in Obertilliach: You can enjoy the tranquillity of the unspoiled Lesachvalley while relaxing close to the world-famous Dolomites.