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Winter in the mountains – White winter landscape in East Tyrol – Powdery snow, sun and a romantic scenery

Winter holiday in Obertilliach in East Tyrol

Winter holiday in Obertilliach means spending your time in a winter wonderland, starting the moment you step out of the Hotel Weiler's front door. East Tyrol is a paradise for all winter sports enthusiasts: Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ski touring etc... All of these make Obertilliach the perfect winter holiday destination. Immerse yourself into the snowy landscape of the Carnic Alps and Lienz Dolomites!

Cross-country skiing and biathlon around the cross-country and biathlon centre East Tyrol in Obertilliach

Cross-country skiing and biathlon in Obertilliach

Enjoying the snowy landscape and breathing in the fresh mountain air – that's what makes cross-country skiing such an amazing experience.

The Hochpustervalley is a cross-country region that needs to be talked about in superlatives.

The Hotel Weiler is located directly above the cross-country ski trail Obertilliach.

Obertilliach provides an excellent infrastructure for cross-country and biathlon enthusiasts. The “Grenzland” trail offers about 60 km of cross-country skiing fun with sections of various levels of difficulty across sunny meadows and through magical forests. It is ranked among the most varied and most beautiful trails in Tyrol. Due to modern artificial snowing systems, snowy trails can be guaranteed during the whole season. Starting in the west (Hollbruck), the panoramic trail runs up to its highest point on the Kartitsch Saddle (1.525 m), from where it descends across meadows and snowy forests, past the Schön- and Leitnervalley, to Obertilliach. From here it heads towards Untertilliach and finally reaches Maria Luggau.

Every year the largest cross-country skiing event in Austria, the famous Dolomites run, takes place right in front of the hotel's door.

NEW: Since winter 2015/16 a high-altitude cross-country trail awaits you in the Golzentipp skiing area. It starts just a few metres from the upper cable railway station. Due to its altitude it's perfectly suitable for pre-seasonal preparatory training for cross-country skiers and biathletes.

With the “Loipen Card” it's possible to use the ski bus free of charge.

Cross-country and biathlon centre Obertilliach in East Tyrol

The Hotel Weiler is located only about 1 km away from the biathlon centre East Tyrol. For anyone interested in biathlon there's a shooting every Thursday at 19:30. Before taking part in the shooting you'll also get to peek behind the scenes: You'll be guided through the stadium and introduced to the shooting stand.

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Training course in Obertilliach

Cross-country skiing school Obertilliach – Nordic

Whether you wish to participate in a warm up, tryout-course classic, cross-country course for kids, tryout-course skating or a biathlon course for everybody: The cross-country skiing school Obertilliach allows for a varied programme each day.

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Skiing & Snowboarding on the Golzentipp in Obertilliach in East Tyrol

Skiing and snowboarding in the Golzentipp skiing area

The small but beautiful Golzentipp skiing area, of which the bottom station is located only a few steps uphill from the Hotel Weiler, guarantees great skiing fun for everyone. Its slopes are family- and child-friendly, covering different levels of difficulty for both beginners and advanced skiers. It offers a comfortable skiing experience without long waiting times at the ski lifts away from the crowded tourist places. Despite the fact that the Golzentipp skiing area is the sunniest in Austria, perfectly prepared slopes can be enjoyed much longer into spring than elsewhere due to the high altitude of the area.

Ski School Obertilliach – Alpine

The well-trained team of the ski school Obertilliach provides our guests, young or old, with the necessary expertise concerning the safe learning of how to ski or snowboard. Every Thursday there's a ski race for the pupils of the school as well as any other guest wishing to participate in the competition. The focus of the Tilly kid's camp lies on teaching the little ones how to ski or snowboard in a fun and playful way. Its mascot hero Tilly (a rabbit) accompanies and supports them with their first attempts in the snow and they’ll soon feel like skiing is as easy as child’s play!

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Enjoyable winter hiking and snowshoeing in the Lesachvalley in East Tyrol

Winter away from the hustle and bustle – pleasurable snowshoeing and winter hiking

Enjoy the snowy landscape of the Lesachvalley while snowshoeing and winter hiking!

Experts know: The Lesachvalley is a paradise for snowshoe hikers. Make your way up the mountain through the snow-covered woods of an untouched winter wonderland! Breathe in the crystal-clear air and go on unforgettable adventures in the wild nature!

Snowshoeing knows no age limit and, taking into consideration both snow/ avalanche conditions and the need for appropriate equipment, can be gone about without major prior knowledge.

A special event highlight takes place every Tuesday at 19:30 in Obertilliach (starting point: TVB Obertilliach – opposite the Hotel Weiler):

A nightly lantern hike along the winter hiking trail from the village of Obertilliach to the Mühlboden and from there along the Gail to the biathlon centre. Dwarfs, the spirit of the forests as well as a witch are essential elements of the event – You may look forward to an adventurous evening!

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Ski touring in the Hochpustervalley in East Tyrol

Are you planning a ski touring holiday in Obertilliach in East Tyrol? Then the Hotel Weiler is exactly what you're looking for. Obertilliach is the perfect starting point for a variety of skiing tours on “firn” slopes in the Carnic Alps and Lienz Dolomites, especially in spring. We’ll also be happy to organise a tour guide for you! Highly qualified skiing and mountain guides are offered by the alpine school Carnicoalpin and Alpin-Aktiv Hochpustertal.

Ski tour Dorfberg to Golzentipp (2.317 m)

Walking time: Approx. 5 hours

Ski tour Öfenspitze (2.334 m)

Walking time: Approx. 3 hours

Ski tour Filmoorhöhe (2.457 m)

Walking time: Approx. 3 – 3,5 hours

Ski tour Große Kinigat (2.689 m)

Walking time: Approx. 4,5 hours

Ski tour Hoher Bösring (2.324 m)

Walking time: Approx. 2,5 hours

Ski tour Spitzköfele (2.314 m)

Walking time: Approx. 3,5 hours

Ski tour Reiterkarspitze (2.422 m)

Walking time: Approx. 3,5 hours

Ski tour Samalm (1.992 m)

Walking time: Approx. 2 hours from Maria Luggau, 2 – 2,5 hours from Xaveriberg

Ski tour Steinrastl (2.173 m)

Walking time: Approx. 2 hours

Sledging in Obertilliach – 7 km long Glamp sledge run (with sledge rental) in East Tyrol

Sledging along the 7 km long Glamp sledge run

We absolutely recommend that you go on a sledge ride during your winter holiday in Obertilliach! It's a huge “Gaudi”, which means a lot of fun!

Starting from the hut restaurant Conny-Alm, the run leads to the snack station Mitterdorfer or to the bottom station of the Golzentipp cable railway, providing an amazing panorama while sledging. You can either use the 10-seat cable car to go up or walk, which takes about 2 hours. At the upper station of the cable railway, rentable sledges are available for a fee.

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Freeriding in the Hochpustervalley in East Tyrol

Adrenaline and pure enjoyment – Freeriding in the Hochpustervalley in East Tyrol

Downhill skiing on untouched powdery snow while enjoying the unspoiled mountain scenery – This is what the Golzentipp skiing area in Obertilliach offers.

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Ice sports in the Lesachvalley – Ice skating and curling on ice

Ice skating in the Lesachvalley in the ice centre of Maria Luggau

Skate your rounds with friends in a pleasant atmosphere, before stopping for a bite to eat or a hot drink to warm up at a lovely cabin.

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Curling on ice in Obertilliach

Are you planning a joyful and exciting afternoon or evening with friends?  Then you should try your hand at curling on ice, or “Lattlschießen”, which can be given a try at the biathlon centre East Tyrol in Obertilliach only 1 km away from our hotel. Afterwards you can enjoy a warming drink in the club house “Im Zentrum”.